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Sick again ...

Down with flu & sore throat -___-.

Miss home.

Heart is aching.

What am I doing here?


Ruey said…
Hey!!Jia You!!u will recover soon...cheer up!!!u hv my best wishes!!
mae said…
put two tablespoons of honey into mug.. slice half a lemon and squeeze the juice into it.. pour hot water.. just about a quarter/half of a mug.. pour lukewarm water to fill.. drink up :) you'll get better soon :) it works on my ex-housemate :)
Mei said…
ruey: Thanks ruey =)

mae: thanks dear. thanks for always being here *HuGz* Hope to see you soon.
Zawa said…
Get well soon. I'm in London now.. yahoo.. staying somewhere near Archway station..

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